Run in Collaboration with London School of Training,UK.

American based Credit System followed in admission and Evaluation processes.

International Certification.

Curriculum supported by MNR Research Foundation.

Career Opportunities provided.

Aims to set international standard in Pre-Primary Teacher Training.


About the Course :

Keeping in view the  increase in demand for trained teachers in Montessori, Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Schools in India and all over the world, MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course  provides rapid opportunities in the similar domain to all the aspirants to become efficient Pre-Primary Teachers.

A trained Pre-School Teacher plays an important role in Nursery Education with wide knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to deal with Pre-School children. Our Course aims at training the trainees to acquire all such skills and techniques needed for the child development which is also very much essential for a mother to look after her child.

A career in which you get to work with children can be immensely joyful. Care-taking, educating and nurturing children promotes inherent qualities. MNR PPTTC will train you to plan and carry out activities with the children under your care and you will thereby be able to put up an encouraging and joyful classroom environment where teaching and learning will become fun for you as well as the children.

We boast of the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty who will ably help you to chart the path of your Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course and pave way to the successful completion of the course.

“A teacher is to a child  what a potter is to the wet clay”. A child can be effectively and beautifully moulded through the cautious and skilled hands of an efficient and well-trained teacher. In order to give a desirable shape to wet clay, the potter himself has to be highly adept in his work. Similarly, a teacher has to be highly proficient,…… We make you proficient in our MNR Pre-Primary Teachers Training College.

The Course we offer  is for all those who would like to find the career opportunities in the field of childhood education and management of Pre-Schools.Both working and non-working women with SSC as minimum qualification can apply to join this course and have  better career opportunities.

Our Pre - Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTTC) will grant you wings to ascend heights in your teaching career and thus will give you the most desired satisfaction.

International Teacher Training (LST,UK)

MNR Pre-Primary Teachers Training in Collaboration with London School of Training, UK brings you a tremendous and intrinsic Course to enhance your latent skills for allround development in handling the young learners.

The MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course is an edge above the basic course with international trainers from London School of Training which is an added advantage. It is the  system of teacher training college committed on the way in providing professional quality and highly practical Courses.

The additional advantages of this course are the Field trips as well the  Practical Sessions conducted by the London School of Training,UK.